I started my first Chatelaine - Sleeping Beauty's Castle on 6th April 2012.  I am hoping to take pictures to chart my progress as I add each element.  Rather than publishing lots of photos in my regular blog posts I will just add the one showing the furthest progress but have all the photos shown here.

I am stitching on 28 count Jazlyn from Crafty Kitten Fabrics in the March 2012 Ltd Ed - with the recommended threads and beads.

The first three photos show my first nights stitching on 6th April 2012.

Progress as of 09.04.12  I can't stitch any more until I get a  delivery of the silks I need.

Progress as of 12.05.12.

Progress as of 25th March 2013

Progress as of 1st April 2013

Part 1 completed 08.04.13 - minus the beading

Part 2 completed 14.04.14 - minus a lot of beading - the four corner designs currently only have gold stitching in them - there are a lot of beads to be added.

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Lou said...

Pretty so far!