Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Poppy Brooch as of 23.11.11 - COMPLETE

One of the secret projects I mentioned I was working on last time was a poppy brooch from Issue 246 of Cross Stitcher Magazine.  My sister had seen the brooch and mentioned she would like to stitch it at some point and as she is always making things for me and my son I thought I would make it for her.  The magazine said to stitch it on red felt using waste canvas but I chose to stitch it on plastic canvas instead which I think has worked really well.  I then stitched red felt to the back and attached a brooch pin.  My sister was over the moon with it when I gave it to her which I was pleased about as I was a bit worried that she had wanted to actually stitch it herself.  Anyway less words here's the pictures.

I'm making good progress on one of my other secret projects and have stitched about 10% of it.  It is for an event that is happening in 2013 which I can't go into much detail about without giving away the secret.  So unfortunately there won't be any photos of this project for a long while.  I am well on track though to get it finished in plenty of time which I am happy about.

I'm going to be starting on Inspire next which is a new start that I just cannot wait to get to.  I made myself work on the secret project this week so I could keep on track but I've been itching to start Inspire.

I've also signed up for the HAED BB 2012 SAL.  I chose one of the SKs, I think it is called Enchanted Doorway - it's a picture of a lady with a dragon on her shoulder and I'm looking forward to receiving the information about that in due course.

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Six Fat Men as of 15.11.11 - Part 2 Complete

It's been nearly a month since my last update and I only have one photo to show you.  I have been stitching on other items but unfortunately I can't show you pictures of these at the moment as they are all gifts.

I got back to doing Six Fat Men and have now finished part 2.  I would love to have this finished for this Christmas but I'm not putting any pressure on myself as this normally leads to me giving up on a project entirely.

So here's my update with part 2 complete.

The picture really doesn't do the colours justice they really pop against the fabric and I just love how it's all coming together.

I was overwhelmed this week to receive three RAKs from HAED from a friend whose blog I've been following for a while.  I am desperate to start this one

It's a Lisa Steinke design and as I have blogged previously I love her artwork and just can't wait to make a start on this.

I am also contemplating taking part in the 2012 Crazy January Challenge so I'm thinking of little projects that I can start as part of that.