Sunday, 17 June 2012

Hickory Dickory Dock as of 17.06.12

I managed to get another 10 hours stitched on Hickory Dickory Dock and did another 1,800 stitches which means it is now 88.83% complete.  I really don't want to put this down but I'm going to rotate and do 10 hours on my Chatelaine.

So here's the latest picture.

Friday, 15 June 2012

Rules for Life as of 15.06.12

We've been on holiday to Wales for a week so I wanted to take a fairly simple project to work on.  I chose Rules for Life and here's where I am now up to with it.

I've now completed over 6,500 stitches which makes this project 28.51% complete.

I really struggled to find a comfortable sitting position to stitch in while we were away.  I don't think hubby will be too pleased if I tell him I need to take my reclining sofa away with us next time as it's too uncomfortable to stitch otherwise!

I'm now rotating back to Hickory Dickory Dock really hoping to get it finished before the end of August.

Thursday, 7 June 2012

Hickory Dickory Dock as of 07.06.12

It has been a long time since I stitched on this piece but it is now my main focus piece and I am hoping to have it finished before the end of August so I can submit it to the HAED reward programme.

In this 10 hour rotation I have stitched just over 1,600 stitches bringing the total stitches done to 21,960 out of 26,775 which means it is now 82.02% complete.

I'm going to be away for the next week so I am taking Rules for Life with me to stitch on as it is one of my simpler WIPs.

Monday, 4 June 2012

WIPocalypse - 04.06.12

I had another finish this month - Baby Patchwork by Cinnamon Cat.


After and finished:

With the birth details:

I'll tell you the story behind this birth sampler now.  I have a friend who I've known since school.  She and her husband tried for 7 years to get pregnant and on their last round of IVF she discovered she was pregnant and was over joyed.  At the 20 week scan they were told their little boy had a serious heart defect called Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome, they were told they could end the pregnancy there or they could continue and the baby would have to have many surgeries.  There was no decision to make as far as they were concerned and they continued with the pregnancy.  Matthew was born in March 2010 and unfortunately only lived for 3 weeks it was an absolutely devastating time for them!  Then about 18 months later a miracle happened and they became pregnant naturally with no assistance.  Their miracle rainbow baby Zachary was born in March 2012 three days after his brother's 2nd birthday.  So this is why I've added the name Matthew to the star to remember the precious boy who could only stay with his family for three weeks.

Sunday, 3 June 2012

My Memories Digital Scrap Booking - Give away Winner

So for the big announcement about the winner of my giveaway.  There were 9 entries by 4 people so I used a random number generator to pick a winner between 1 and 9 and the number generated was 2.

So the winner is Lou!

You may or may not know that Lou is my sister and I hope no one feels that this giveaway was rigged but I can assure you this was the number the random generator produced.

The good news is that My Memories have informed me that I can hold a giveaway three times a year so in four months time there could be another giveaway here.  I'm going to see what the response is to my digital scrap booking posts and hopefully hold another giveaway in four months.

Saturday, 2 June 2012

June Goals

My goals for May were:-
  1. Stitch 10 hours on Baby Patchwork - completed 05.05.12 - completed project 27.05.12
  2. Stitch 10 hours on Chatelaine - completed 12.05.12
  3. Stitch 10 hours on Hickory Dickory Dock - didn't touch
My June goals are:
  1. Stitch 10 hours on Chatelaine
  2. Stitch 10 hours Hickory Dickory Dock
  3. Stitch 10 hours on Ink Circles Secret Project