Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Shy Baby as of 19.10.10 - Page 2 Completed

So here's the latest picture of Shy Baby I have now completed page 2 (actual pattern page 24). 

Saturday, 16 October 2010

Just a little update

Well I've finished the birthday card for my niece and here is the finished article.

I've also decided to change how I work my rotation.  I found I wasn't getting enough accomplished in a week to see any progress which was getting me down a bit.  I have therefore decided to work on each project until I either complete a page or get fed up working on it - which ever comes first.  So the projects I have on the go now are:-
  1. Shy Baby
  2. Butterflies Galore - SK
  3. Masquerade - SAL SK
  4. Train of Dreams
  5. Christmas Stocking (Non HAED)
  6. Christmas Cards (Non HAED)
  7. Charlie's Ark (Non HAED)
  8. Hickory Dickory Dock - QS
  9. Samuel (Photo of my son charted by HAED)
So I probably won't be posting every week but will just post every time I change project.

Friday, 8 October 2010

Masquerade SK as of 07.10.10

Well here is my update this week on Masquerade following the October SAL.  I didn't get as much done this week as I would have liked to but I am now very close to finishing page 1.

I absolutely adore this design the colours are wonderful.

I am so excited this week as I have commissioned a cross stitch chart from a photograph of my son.  This is the image I submitted.  Can't wait to see the chart and start stitching on it.  Last thing I really need though is another project to add to my rotation but I just now there is no way I will be able to put off starting this one.

My son looks so different now.  His hair has gone very blond but one of the things I remember most about when he was born was how everyone commented on his gorgeous spiky hair.  That's why I chose this photo to stitch.

I've also been working on and off this week on the birthday card for my niece and this is the update.

Friday, 1 October 2010

New Starts

Well this is the first post for two weeks.  Last week I was away for a few days and the cottage we were staying in just didn't lend itself to stitching.  I couldn't find a comfy position to sit in and stitch and the lighting was awful so I didn't do more than a couple of stitches all week.

This week I decided I didn't have enough projects on the go and added another medium project and a small project.

The medium project is a Christmas Stocking for my little boy.  This is a picture of the final product.

And this is the progress I have made on it this week.


I decided I wanted something quite simple to work on as I want my son to have it for Christmas 2011 and if I did a HAED stocking he would probably be 18 before it was finished!!  My intention is to do stockings for myself and my husband as well when I have finished this one.  These will be HAEDs though, I want Cherished Christmas Stocking and I am going to do the Treasure Dragon Stocking for my husband.  If I get all these three done then I may at some point in the future do the Faithful Friends Stocking for my son.

I have also tried gridding for the first time with Sulky Metallic threads, will see how it goes before I try gridding one of my BAPs with it.

The second small project I am working on is a birthday card for my niece.  She is 5 at the end of October so I have just over 3 weeks to get this done.  Hopefully my son will let me get some stitching done during the day so I can achieve this.

I have also this week fallen in love with this Amazing Color by Needle Delight Originals.  There are lots of amazing designs but this is my current favourite.  It is so different from anything I have stitched before or have in my stash.  I have been restraining myself very hard so I don't buy it.  Really want to get a finish before I buy or start anything new.