Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Stitching Thoughts and Plans for 2017

I originally thought that 2017 would be the year of SALs.  I am in a few Facebook groups who set up SALs for lots of different things it could be designer related or theme related - anything really.

So last year I joined all the SALs - planned all my stitching - which current WIPs would fit - what I needed to buy to be able to have new starts if I didn't have a WIP that would fit.

My first project was New Year New Start - my start was At the Met by Mirabilia.  This project also fits into the Mirabilia year long SAL.  It was also going to be my day 1 project for the Crazy 7 (start 7 projects in 7 days).

As I stitched on it I realised I really did not want to start a new project the next day and the next day for 6 days.  I wanted to stay on At the Met and get some progress on her.

So I still have all the plans in my diary for the SALs I was going to participate in but at the moment (who knows what might happen tomorrow!) my plans are:-

  1. Stitch on a project for as long  as I am enjoying stitching on it.
  2. I have several projects that I didn't work on at all in 2016 so until I have stitched on them I cannot start another new project.  I have also made a note of when I last stitched on all my current WIPs and as it becomes 12 months since I have worked on a project they too will be added to this list.
  3. If I want to start a different project I will see what SALs are scheduled for that day and see if I can work on a project that fits the SAL.
  4. If there are no SALs for that day I will use the random number generator to pick a new project for me - if it picks a new start I will work on one of my oldest WIPs instead.  Again I will work on this project for as long as I am enjoying stitching on it.  If I am not enjoying stitching on it then I will make a decision on whether or not I think I will ever enjoy stitching on it and may retire it.
The projects I did not work on in 2016 are:
  1. Celtic Banner by Butternut Road
  2. Dragon Dance by Paine Free Crafts
  3. Hanging Loose from a magazine
  4. Hug of Owls from KLT Charting
  5. Nativity from a magazine
  6. A photo conversion of my son
  7. A chart I designed myself
I hope these thoughts make sense to you but I am mainly putting them here so I can refer back to them.

Keep stitching and smiling