Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Calling all stitchers of Chatelaine Designs

So I've been seeing loads of blogs where people are stitching Chatelaine Designs.  Now these are such gorgeous designs they really intrigue me but I can't seem to find out much about them.  So I am putting out a call for information - if you are familiar with these designs and can answer any of these questions I'd be really interested.  Or if you can just tell me your experiences with these designs, i.e which you stitched first, how you decide what fabric to stitch them on etc etc.

Are they cross stitch designs?  If you join in a mystery how does that work?  Is there a particular design you would recommend starting with?  Do they have to be stitched on linen or can you do them on aida?  Any other information you can share with me.

Thanks for reading and (hopefully) sharing your experiences!


Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

This is the forum for stitchers of these gorgeous designs. There is also a new blog just started, you can find it via my profile.

I haven't started one yet but they are on my 11 in '11. I'm planning on starting with one of the freebies as pennies are short this year!
They are mainly cross stitch with some speciality stitches and threads. Some designs work out expensive if you're paying UK prices for threads my American friends are up inarms about 40c a skein never mind 85p :-)

You can buy some at Sewandso or via the Chatelaine online supplier by PDF (not sure how that works!)

Happy Stitching!

Nic said...

Thanks for your comment Jo - I've been e-mailing Martina who designs these gorgeous charts today and she's given me loads of information. My main predicament is that she says they won't work on aida and I have never managed to stitch on linen or evenweave. I've downloaded the freebie tiny rose garden and I'm going to give that a try on evenweave and see how I get on.

Bec said...

Have you seen this blog?

Someone there will surely be able to tell you what you need to know.

Martina does some absolutely stunning designs! :)

Nic said...

Bec I have been looking at all the amazing WIPs on that blog. I also e-mailed Martina directly and she gave me some great advice. Going to try and stitch one of the freebies on evenweave and see how I get on.

wendy111 said...

Hi Nic

Chatelaine designs are wonderful (and addictive). I have only finished a micro design at the moment but have four large WIP's. I am sure Martina would have answered most of your questions.

What to start with comes down to what your like best!

Look forward to seeing you make a start

Nic said...

Thanks Wendy, I'm getting more and more tempted to start. Got some evenweave from my sister today so have the fabric now. Might have to take something else off a frame so I can start sooner rather than later.

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

You'll love evenweave when you get started on it! It's a tiny bit harder to count the squares than aida but if you stitch close together areas then you'll be fine. It's not a good idea to leap about the chart too much as it's easy to lose count!

Fractionals are so much easier and the finished article is much nicer too.

Looking forward to seeing your first project.