Sunday, 12 June 2011

Believe as of 12.06.11

I've been working on Believe this week and I'm really pleased with my progress.  I've managed to do just under 1,000 stitches and it is now 22.56% complete, the only trouble is I forgot to take photos of each individual colour as I added it and I am not sure how many colours I've completed.  The left side of the body is almost full now and it's looking great.  I'm beginning to think I will have to complete the whole background though.


Lou said...

Looks amazing Nicola! Pity if you have to stitch whole background as you will loose the hand dyed fabric peeping through - I'm not sure yet how you could get round it - but I'm sure we'll think of something xxx

Joysze said...

Looks awesome, Nic.