Saturday, 8 October 2011

Shy Baby as of 08.10.11

Since my last post I've been working on Shy Baby and also made quite a lot of progress on my Lizzie Kate Flip it With Charm.  So here's the pics.

I love that I can see her mouth now and the bottom of her nose.

I'm really enjoying the simplicity of this design and it has made me look at my stash in a different way and I can't wait to stitch more of the smaller designs I have which I know I will finish.

So strangely enough I have a strong desire to do some stitching on Train of Dreams which is odd as I've never enjoyed stitching it.  I saw a progress pic someone else posted recently and it really made me want to make some progress on mine.

On a non-stitching note with reference to my previous post I am asking for you to say a little prayer for Isla as she is in a very serious condition at the moment.


Gizzimomo said...

Beautiful stitching!

Joysze said...

Looking great, Nic. :D