Thursday, 1 December 2011

Inspire as of 01.12.11

I gave in and started Inspire on 23.11.11 and have managed to complete the first page.  Granted I did cheat and start at the bottom right hand corner so the first page I have done is page 40 which is the smallest page but still it's a page finish.  I've done 2,604 stitches which means it is 1.05% complete.  So far it's a good mix of confetti and larger areas of solid colours so I can swap between the two and not get too frustrated with either.  I am stitching on 22 count white aida 3 over 1 tent stitch.


Diane (di) said...

Nic, that's beautiful and I love the colors. So pretty and your stitches are simply wonderful. (I really like the poppy brooch, too). Great job!!

sharine said...

The colors are beautiful.

The Crafty Princess said...

Beautiful start Nicola. I'm loving the coverage on 22ct with tent 3 over 1. It also means that you will speed through this and we can all enjoy frequent wips!!! Yay!

Have fun stunner xo

Joysze said...

Looking great, Nic. The colors are so sweet in this one. :)