Thursday, 15 November 2012

Perpetual Calendar Part 1 - Tuesday

I've completed the first part of the perpetual calendar - only another 47 to go!

This is the Samsarah image of what there stitched version looks like.

I like this pattern because they give you lots of alternatives for the over dyed threads to use.  The idea is that you can use up stash rather than having to go out and buy all new.  I didn't have any of the specialty threads listed but I did have quite a lot of DMC and Anchor variegated threads.  The chart also specifies which DMC colours can be substituted so I used those to try and choose which of my variegated threads to use.  I'm not 100% happy with this as I think the word "Tuesday" doesn't really stand out very well but I tried going round it in black back stitch but it looked ridiculous.

If anyone's got any suggestions on what I can do to try and make the letters stand out better I'd love to hear them.

So here's my version - I don't think my white is as white is the original and my background is probably too dark.

Keep stitching and smiling.


Mii Stitch said...

Nice start! Good luck with the calendar :-)

cucki said...

very pretty stitching..
hugs x

Monique said...

I think it looks lovely just as it is. I wouldn't change a thing.