Sunday, 14 April 2013

Sleeping Beauty's Castle - Part 2 Completed without beading as of 14.04.13

I have been working on Sleeping Beauty's Castle this week and am thrilled that I have completed part 2.  This was the first time I have done a lot of speciality stitches and have to say I think I have now mastered Jessicas.  I was very nervous before I started but as long as I kept the diagram in view I was fine - after about 10 I can do them in my sleep.

I am leaving the beading until the end so currently there are big empty spaces where a lot of beads are going to be added.  The corner motifs currently have the gold stitches done and will be filled in with a lot of beads. That's going to be another first when I get round to it.

So as always with my Chatelaine here is the total picture and more close ups can be seen on my Chatelaine page.

I do like that this picture shows some of the gorgeous colours in the hand dyed fabric.  It is the March 2012 Limited Edition from Crafty Kitten Fabrics.

The random number generator has picked number 1 which means I will be stitching the next part of the Perpetual Calendar.

Keep stitching and smiling


sharine said...

It's a stunner already:)

cucki said...

So pretty x

Topcho said...

It's gorgeous! I can't wait to see the beads added too... Happy stitching!