Saturday, 18 January 2014

Christmas Mystery Sampler 2013 - Lizzie Kate - as of 18.01.14

I've been working on the Christmas Mystery Sampler this week and am really close to a finish but I'm putting it down because I'm treating myself to a new start, but more about that later.

Here's my progress picture.

I decided to do satin stitch for the windows instead of cross stitch and I am also going to do this for the door.  I've also decided to change the colour of the door as I love the maroon/red colour and am going to use this.

Now call me stupid but do you see all those letters in light green in the background.  It took me until I stitched x, y and z before I realised they were letters - I thought they were just supposed to represent snow and were odd shapes!  Looking at the picture now it is so obvious they are letters I really don't know how I didn't see it.

So my new start is the Chatelaine Seaside Mystery - I've already received parts 1-3 of the pattern but have been waiting until I paid off my layaway for my fabric and threads to arrive.  Well my parcel came this morning and the hand dyed fabric and speciality threads are absolutely stunning - I just cannot wait to get started.  

With regards to the stitch from stash I have now spent my budget for January of £15.19.  I decided to buy silks from the Silk Mill for my Chatelaine to substitute for the DMC threads - they cost me just over £25 but luckily I still had some Christmas money left.

Keep stitching, smiling and destashing


Mel said...

Wonderful my dear!
I cannot wait to see the Chatelaine start. Martina's patterns are always so stunning. And I say that buying silks for it is a perfect way to spend this months budget!

Jeanne said...

Looks like you're almost done - great job! This is such a pretty sampler. Good luck on your next project.