Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Stash Enhancement

I posted recently that I was pulling out of the Stitch from Stash Challenge as I had exceeded my budget for two months.

Jo asked if I would share photos of my purchases so here they are:-

A whole bunch of gorgeous hand dyed threads from Jodyri Designs.

A piece of hand dyed opalescent fabric called Jade Dragon again from Jodyri Designs.

The absolutely stunning April Ltd Ed Speckled Eggs again in opalescent from Jodyri Designs.  I'm trying to convince Michelle that this should be a permanent addition to her catalogue. 

 This was the March Ltd Ed fabric from Jodyri Designs called Irish Brilliance which I don't think I ever showed you.

Hand dyed threads from Crafty Kitten.

Two Lizzie Kate charts

Hope that didn't tempt all you stitch from stashers too much :-)

Keep stitching and smiling


cucki said...

Super yummy stash :)

Mrs Milkybar Kid said...

Gorgeous stash Nic, can't wait to get my April fabby from Michelle!

sharine said...

It is all so pretty:)

Mii Stitch said...

Don't feel bad it all looks fantastic!!!

Miss Lilly said...

Oooh super pretty *___*

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

ooo, oooo and more oooo!

I'm sneaky, I joined the Jodyri Thread of the Month Club when she first started so it doesn't come out of my monthly budget :-)

Thanks for sharing.

SoCal Debbie said...

So much beautiful stash overload! You're a happy stitcher!

The Crafty Princess said...

I don't blame you for busting out. I especially love the Jodyri threads the colours are pure bliss.

Alicia xo

Spices up your Life said...

Your new floss and fabby are so colorful! I smell spring everywhere. Very lovely indeed