Sunday, 31 December 2017

New Year - New Start on the Blog!

I think the making of resolutions and setting goals for the new year has resparked my interest in blogging.  I'm hoping to use this blog to make myself accountable for my stitching goals for the year.  I hope you will help me in trying to achieve this goals.

My first goal is to work on each of my focuses pieces each month - where possible completing a part each month.  My focus pieces and the parts that need completing are:-

1.       12 Days of Christmas, Satsuma Street
a.    Three French Hens
b.    Four Calling Birds
c.     Five Gold Rings
d.    Six Geese a Laying
e.    Seven Swans a Swimming
f.     Eight Maids a Milking
g.    Nine Ladies Dancing
h.    Ten Lords a Leaping
i.      Eleven Pipers Piping
j.      Twelve Drummers Drumming
2.       Planets, Stem Stitch
a.    Earth x 2
b.    Mars x 2
c.     Jupiter x 2
d.    Saturn x 2
e.    Uranus x 2
f.     Neptune x 2
3.       I Love You to the Moon and Back
4.       Live Laugh Love, Circus Stitches
5.       Class Schedule SAL, Armada Designs
a.    January
b.    February
c.     March
d.    April
e.    May
f.     June
g.    July
h.    August
i.      September
j.      October
k.    November
l.      December
6.       Nautical Year
a.    April
b.    May
c.     June
d.    July
e.    August
f.     November
g.    December
7.       J, Nora Corbett
8.       Santa’s Village, County Cottage Needleworks
a.    Candy Cane Cottage
b.    Christmas Tree Farm
c.     Elves’ Workshop
d.    Gingerbread Emporium
e.    Hot Cocoa Cafe
f.     North Pole Post Office
g.    Poinsettia Place
h.    Reindeer Stables
i.      Santa’s House
j.      Santa’s Sleighworks
k.    Santa’s Stocking Store
9.       Darth Vader, Stitch Line
10.   Storm Trooper, Stitch Line
11.   Calendar Months, Drawn Thread
a.    January
b.    February
c.     March
d.    April
e.    May
f.     June
g.    July
h.    August
i.      September
j.      October
k.    November
l.      December

I am already a little daunted with all those seeing them all written down!!

I would also like to have a new start each month. 

My final goal is to work on each of my WIPs at least once in the year.  I would like to try and do at least 50 stitches on each WIP.  Listed below are my current WIPs - not including those in the focus pieces above.

1.       Advice from the Ocean
2.       Angel of Love
3.       At the Met
4.       August
5.       Bauble Cushion
6.       Bookworm Fairy Mini
7.       Butterfly Lace
8.       Candy Canes and Wreaths
9.       Celtic Autumn
10.   Celtic Banner
11.   Christmas Elegance
12.   Christmas Owl SAL
13.   Dear House
14.   Dragon Dance
15.   Elegant Trio
16.   English Cottage Sampler
17.   Fire Goddess
18.   Flowers of the Holy Night
19.   Fragile Landing
20.   Froth and Bubble I
21.   Hanging Loose
22.   Hardcore Gamer
23.   Harry Potter Pillow Sampler
24.   I Am a Stitcher
25.   In This House
26.   Knotted Garden Biscornou
27.   Learning Sampler
28.   Love Heart Tapestry
29.   Masquerade
30.   Mini Beach Hut in Moonlight
31.   Nativity
32.   Not Quite Whitework
33.   One Hundred Years
34.   Peacock Band Sampler
35.   Perpetual Calendar
36.   Pumpkin Passport
37.   Quotes to Live By
38.   Renaissance Mermaid
39.   Research Project
40.   Revenge of RYO
41.   Save the Stitches
42.   Seaside Mystery
43.   Sleeping Beauty
44.   Sleeping Beauty’s Castle
45.   Spring Mandala
46.   Stained Glass
47.   Stargazer
48.   The Towpath
49.   Venetian Opulence
50.   Watercolour Gerbera

51.   Year at Hawk Run Hollow

How practical these goals are remains to be seen. 

If you're still reading my blog after my hiatus I would like to thank you for sticking around.  Happy New Year to you all - I would like to wish you health and happiness and plenty of stitching time!

Keep stitching and smiling


CalamityJr said...

So glad you’re back! I must say your plans have exhausted me, but I’m really looking forward to seeing all your progress!

Rachel said...

Welcome back! I admire your goals for 2018, especially putting even just a few stitches into every WIP. Your list of goals is extensive, but also broken into little achievable sections. It would be good to revisit this list in a year's time and see how many have been crossed off. Good luck! :)

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Nice to see you back! That is one heck of a list but I am sure you can make progress on a good few of those designs.
Especially the 50 stitches on 50 projects (51 projects!).