Tuesday, 4 January 2011

HAED BB 2011 Full Year Goals

A few days ago I set myself my stitching goals for 2011.  Having thought a bit harder about it I think the goals may be a little too much.  So today I have set myself a few less goals on the HAED BB, they are
  1. Complete two pages in tent stitch of QS Believe not currently started
  2. Complete two pages in tent stitch of QS Hickory Dickory Dock currently done 10.44%
  3. Complete in full crosses SK Masquerade 2010 SAL currently done 61.83% 
  4. Complete one page in tent stitch of QS Blue Rose Fairy 2011 SAL currently done 3.64%
I will still keep the original goals I set myself here on my blog but will be working mainly to complete the HAED BB goals.  Looking forward to seeing how realistic any of these goals are!

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