Thursday, 27 January 2011

Masquerade as of 26.01.11

Well I went back to work last week after my maternity leave so I'm not getting as much stitching done as I was.  I've been working on Masquerade this week and did slightly less than 1000 stitches on it which takes me to having completed 67.09% of this design.  My goal is to complete this design by the end of the year.  So here's the updated picture.


Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

She's looking great! I'm fascinated by your % of how much you've stitched of the different projects. How do you work that out?

ps found you via the Crafty Kitten, I'm a fan too.

Nic said...

Thanks Jo. I actually keep note of how many stitches I do each time I work on a project and then I now how many of the total I have completed and can work out a percentage.

I've just signed up for the Fabric of the Month club from Crafty Kitten and I'm really excited to receive my first parcel just love hand dyed fabric :-)