Friday, 13 May 2011

Blue Rose Fairy as of 12.05.11

This week it was the HAED BB QS SAL.  I'm really struggling with Blue Rose Fairy and only managed to do a little under 500 stitches on her.  But any progress is progress right!

I may not be able to update over the next couple of weeks or get much stitching done as I am doing a course that I need for work.  I'll be leaving home at 7am and not getting home untill 7pm so don't know if it will just be a case of eating my tea and going straight to bed or if I will have the energy to get some stitching in.  However the third week I have four days off work and my little boy will either be with his grandparents or at nursery so once I've caught up on the housework I can have four full days stitching!


Lou said...

Blue Rose fairy is looking good! Are you struggling because you've lost your stitching bug or because you're not keen on BRF?
You will be shattered on that course - its very intensive and hard going, but also fun! And if you don't manage to get much stitching done at least, like you said, you'll have time in the middle of the course! What will ou be working on?

Nic said...

No definitely not lost my stitching bug I just can't seem to work up any enthusiasm for BRF.

Don't know what I'll be working on yet during my week off. I might spend on day on each of my current WIPs.