Friday, 2 September 2011

September Goals

These are the goals I set myself for August:

  1. Complete second page of Hickory Dickory Dock - Done
  2. Spend half an hour a day on chart inventory - Didn't do half an hour a day but I'm still making progress
  3. Knit at least 20 rows on jumper for Hannah - Did not do
  4. Do at least 200 stitches on QS Blue Rose Fairy - Did 200 stitches and made it a UFO
  5. Pick a small chart to work on next, grid it and make a start - Done
I'm pleased with the progress I made with these goals, I didn't even start Hannah's jumper, did a tension square but just haven't had the knitting urge recently.

I'm going through my chart inventory and splitting them into categories - some I don't like anymore, some I like the picture but don't think I'll stitch, some I would like to stitch and some I would love to stitch.  The only ones I am going to be listing on my stash page are the ones I would love to stitch so that when I want to start a new project I will have a shorter list to look through.

I'm really happy with my progress on Home of a Needleworker and have been surprised at how a seemingly simple design has caused me so much trouble.  I don't normally frog if I have put a stitch or two in the wrong place but just kind of work round it but with this design even one stitch wrong shows up and needs to be redone.  Having said that I am really enjoying it and it is nice to be doing a project where I can see the end in sight.

So my September goals:

  1. Complete fourth page of Hickory Dickory Dock
  2. Spend some time each day on chart inventory
  3. Start jumper for Hannah
  4. Do at least 2000 stitches on SK Treasures
  5. Complete Home of a Needleworker


Bec said...

Looks like you made some great progress with August goals. :)

Good luck with September's goals!
Looking forward to seeing some photos of Hickory Dickory Dock.

Bec said...
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