Friday, 21 February 2014

Model for Northern Expressions Needlework as of 21.02.14 & February Stitch from Stash

I've been working on the model for Northern Expressions Needlework this week.  Here's my before and after photos.

I'm going to be stitching on this next week as well but I have decided to change my rotation slightly.

So each month in the evenings I will work on the following:-

Week 1 - Chatelaine
Week 2 - Northern Expressions Needlework Model
Week 3 - Northern Expressions Needlework Model
Week 4 - Learning Sampler
Week 5 (if there is one) - Free choice

Then if I get chance during the days to stitch on a Wednesday and at the weekend I'm going to firstly work on my Lizzie Kate Christmas Mystery and when that is finished I have two small designs from Jodyri Designs and KLT Charting that I want to stitch for a SAL I'm participating in.

My stitch from stash budget this month was £15.19 as I had nothing to carry forward from last month.  I am really pleased to say that this month I've only spent £8!  I bought two new charts from KLT Charting:

Tribal Butterfly

Tribal Owl

I was also lucky enough to be RAKd two charts

Tribal Heart

Valentine Peacock

So having only spent £8 of my £15.19 budget I have £7.19 to carry forward giving me a budget for March of £22.38.

Keep stitching, smiling and destashing


Lija Broka said...

Go you! I went along the simpler route of not converting and taking$25 as £25. So your is more stricter! And you made it in the budget ... well done.

Faith... said...

Congrats for staying within your budget and getting some great charts. I LOVE your Northern Expressions!