Sunday, 14 September 2014

Stash Updated - 14th September 2014 - GIVEAWAY NOW CLOSED

EDITED: I've edited this post to add the photos Michelle took of the fabric in daylight which give a much better idea of the colours than my pictures did.

I received a gorgeous parcel from Michelle at Jodyri Designs yesterday so thought I would share my new stash with you all.  I had ordered three pieces of hand dyed fabric all for specific projects and some hand dyed threads.

First the threads - from left to right they are 2 x Bahama's Seas, 2 x Shades of Sunlight, 2 x Lavender Clouds,1 x Dragon's Eye, 2 x Out of Orbit - Saelveh Orb, 2 x Minion Madness, 2 x Scattychick, 2 x Copacabana and 2 x Gothic Chick.  The first three pairs are for a specific project and the rest just because I love the colours.

This fabric is called Surf's Up and is on 18 count silvered aida.  Michelle has designed this fabric to be used with a chart from KLT Charting called Advice from the Ocean.  Kim has designed the chart either with or without a background but by buying this fabric from Michelle it should save me a lot of time stitching.
My photo

Michelle's Photo

The next piece of fabric is called Frosted Pine and again it is 18 count silvered aida.  This is the fabric I have chosen to stitch the Alessandra Adelaide Mystery Christmas SAL on.  I have to apologise to Michelle as this photo does the fabric no justice whatsoever it is a stunning green colour.

My photo

Michelle's Photo

My last piece of fabric is called Nevermore and (can you see a pattern here) again is on 18 count silvered aida.  This is possibly the sparkliest piece of fabric I have ever seen and is just stunning.  I have ordered it to stitch a design of my own on.  I'm not giving anything away just yet but of course I will put pictures on here when I start.  This is also the project that the three threads in the first picture are for.  Again the photo does not do the fabric justice.

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Michelle's Photo

Now lastly for this post as my previous post was a little too abstract to guess which chart it is I have started stitching I will show you another progress picture and give you a clue.  The clue is that the chart is listed on my Future Projects page and here is the current progress.  Another piece of information is that I have changed one of the colours.

Keep stitching, smiling and guessing!


Mrs Milkybar Kid said...

Oooooo gorgeous threads and fabric Nic - can't wait to see these all put to good use :). Now I can see the heart shape (I was thinking mouse before lol!), without looking at your list - it's got to be one of Bev's charts from Love thy Thread!

gracie said...

I enjoyed your post today....

cucki said...

Sweet xxx

Pull the other thread said...

Great new stash. The thread and fabby is just stunning. My guess is Together Forever by Love Thy Thread? Great stitching.

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Yeah, your photos are rubbish LOL. I find scanning fabric is the best way to get a good colour match for picture.

I have ordered a piece of the beach fabric for my cousin's baby's birth sampler. He'll be here soon!

Love the threads. I'm in the five threads club so I will get all of these eventually!