Monday, 1 May 2017

Overview - April 2017

I only worked on two projects this month.  I continued working on Venetian Opulence from Mirabilia and got almost to the halfway point.  I've been beading this project as I go and really enjoyed it.   I am stitching her on a 32 count Murano in Limestone from Zweigart as charted.

Then later in the month I had a new start Froth and Bubble from Long Dog Samplers.  I am stitching this on a 32 count Murano from Jodyri Designs in Woollen Mittens.  I have switched out the thread for the border and I am using a hand dyed thread from Jodyri Designs in Whale Song.  I am using the thread slightly differently than I have done previously.  I am using the loop method and not stitching one stitch at a time to give a tweeded effect.  Instead of using the tweeded thread for the wording I am using a variegated DMC 4240.  I have also subbed out the Gentle Arts Raven for regular DMC 310.  All the other threads are the charted Gentle Arts Colours.

Keep stitching and smiling


The Crafty Princess said...

Wow Venetian looks amazing! I can't remember what fabric I have for mine I think it's a bluish shade. Snap I'm working on Froth and Bubble too. But using Vic Clayton's hand dyed fibers. Loving the fabric for your sampler too. Very cool. Looking forward to seeing your progress on your unique sampler stunner
xo Alicia

CalamityJr said...

Thanks for showing how the colors change when you stitch a variegated thread using a different method. It looks very nice. And I love that fabric! Looking forward to seeing this finish.

Tiffstitch said...

Lovely work on both! Are you still model stitching as well?

Bekah said...

The Venetian Opulence is stunning. I love the beads dripping off of her and the way she is holding the fan.

cucki said...

Beautiful progress on both of your projects..
Sending you love x

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Venetian Opulence is stunning! I haven't done a full size Mira for ages but I have done quite a few Nora Corbett's.

Love the difference effects of using the variegateds in various ways.