Friday, 16 July 2010

Restarting & Unpicking - Serial Starter or Sensible Decisions?

Well I had five projects in rotation:-

  1. SK - Butterflies Galore
  2. SK - Masquerade
  3. Charlie's Ark (3 left to do)
  4. Shy Baby
  5. Cruising the Information Highway

Last week I decided I wasn't happy with Shy Baby and I was going to restart it. I had completed three pages but the first two pages I had done I literally only sewed what was on those pages, so if there was a stitch of the same colour on the next page I didn't do it, I just stuck to the page. The problem with this is that two of the colours I was using ran out of thread part way through and started new skeins which were totally different colours. I don't think this would have been as big an issue but for the fact I had stuck to each page and therefore there is a definite line between pages. Probably anyone else looking at this wouldn't even notice there was a problem but I can see it and I don't think I would ever be happy with the finished product. I was also stitching on 18 count aida and I have now discovered 20 count aida and I thought restarting would also mean that the finished product wouldn't be quite so massive. So I decided to cut my losses and restart this project at a later date.

Earlier this week I decided to also restart Cruising the Information Highway, on this one I had only completed 600 stitches and I decided I was going to change to tent stitch instead of full crosses just so that I can get through projects more quickly. I also have the fabric for this on a floor standing frame. Anyway after working on this for a few nights I've discovered I can't sit on my sofa and sew on a floor standing frame. There isn't room in my living room to sit on a straight back chair to sew and the other alternative would be to sit in the other room and sew, which I don't think my husband would appreciate. Also unpicking those 600 stitches is proving to be a LOT more difficult than I ever thought possible.

So now I have to make some decisions. My first thought was to take Shy Baby off the frame and restart a new project but I was enjoying stitching her so much I am wondering whether to cut new 20 count aida and start here again but starting from the bottom this time instead of the top. My intention then is to purchase a larger clip frame and start a different large project and leave Cruising the Information Highway until I move house. I have so many gorgeous designs to choose from I am sure it won't be too hard!!

The trouble is I have set my half year goals on HAED so I will have to nip over there now and see if I can still change them!

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