Thursday, 22 July 2010

Train of Dreams WIP 22.07.10

So after my last post I decided that I would start Train of Dreams and restart Shy Baby.

This week I have been working on Train of Dreams by Randall Spangler. I love all his designs with dragons and am stitching this for my little boy as I hope he shares the love of dragons that his dad and I have.

So I am stitching on 20 count white aida 3 over 1 tent stitch. This is the first project I have done with tent stitch and I am really enjoying it. I started off using 2 over 1 but I didn't like the coverage but using 3 strands really does cover well and I certainly get a lot more stitched than I would doing crosses. So this week I have done 1793 of 102500 which is 1.75%. At this rate rotating five projects I should have this finished in about 5 years time!!!!

Anyway here is the picture.

I mentioned in my last post that I was going to try and change the half year goals that I had set with HAED but unfortunately I was too late and the post was closed so I don't have any goals set with them. I have however decided to set my own goals. So by the end of the year I want to have completed these goals:
  1. Finish two pages of SK Butterflies Galore
  2. Finish two pages of SK Masquerade for July/Dec SAL
  3. Finish two pages of Train of Dreams
  4. Finish two pages of Shy Baby

I am not sure how realistic these goals are but I'll see how I go.

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