Friday, 30 July 2010

Shy Baby as of 29.07.10

This week I have been working on Shy Baby by Katerina Koukiotis (Copyright Heaven & Earth Designs 2008, Copyright Katerina Koukiotis 2008). I have been working on this project since around about October last year. I started sewing on 18 count aida 2 over 1 full crosses. I had completed 3 full pages but I really wasn't happy with what I had done. I had used two different skeins for one of the colours and because I was just sewing one full page and then moving onto the next one there was a major difference in the colours even though it was supposed to be the same colour and there was a definite line between the two pages. I had also started another project doing tent stitch which I am loving as you get much more done and the progress is fantastic. I decided that even though I had completed 3 full pages I had another 22 pages to go and if I wasn't happy with it now then I was never going to be happy with it. So I scrapped what I had and restarted on 20 count aida using 3 strands of floss over 1 but in tent stitch. I also decided to start at the bottom right hand corner so that I wasn't stitching the same section again straight away. This week I managed to do 5,471 stitches out of a total of 164,850 which means I have completed 3.32%. So this is my progress after 1 week and honestly I don't want to move onto my next project I really want to carry on with Shy Baby but it will only be another 4 weeks before I can work on her again. So here's the photo of my progress.

So my progress towards my goals:

  1. Finish two pages of SK Butterflies Galore - no progress
  2. Finish two pages of SK Masquerade for July/Dec SAL - no progress
  3. Finish two pages of Train of Dreams - no progress
  4. Finish two pages of Shy Baby - 1 page completed (3.32% completed of the total)

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