Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Blue Rose Fairy as of 15.08.11

So I've done the 200 stitches that I set myself for this month on Blue Rose Fairy and I have now submitted the 6 photos needed for the SAL to get the other charts and I'm giving up on Blue Rose Fairy.  I am just not enjoying stitching it and I can't see myself ever displaying it if I did complete it.  Honestly there are other projects I'd much rather be stitching so I am putting this in the UFO pile.  I'm not saying I will never come back to it but it certainly won't be featuring in my rotation for the time being.  So here's the picture of where I'm up to.

My husband has also just shown me a setting on our camera which means I can take close up in focus pictures for the first time.  Can you believe we've had this camera at least 3 years and I didn't know you could do this!!

So what will I stitch on next I just can't decide at the minute it might be Masquerade because I am close to finishing it, I may work on Believe or might go back to Hickory Dickory Dock, or should I work on Shy Baby I've not done anything on that for ages!

Decisions, decisions - I guess you'll see on my next post :-)


sharine said...

she looks great but no use stitching it if your not enjoying it.Can't wait to see what you choose to do next.

summer21 said...

super! It looks fantastic!

franacropan said...

Sometimes you just have to make something into a ufo and move on. You never know, you might pick it up again years later. I finished a ufo this year that I fell out of love with years ago and suddenly fell back in love with it. It's still lying about waiting to be framed though, hey ho.

Joysze said...

She looks awesome, Nic.... but not worth the while if you're not enjoying her. Macro pic looks great, though. :)

The Crafty Princess said...

I agree with everyone else too Nic. Life's too short to be stitching something your not enjoying. It's a hobby so meant to be fun. If I were you I would work on Masquerade since your close to a finish. Have fun and take care xo