Friday, 5 August 2011

Monthly Goals - August

So I decided I would set myself some small goals each month and this is what I've decided for August:

  1. Complete second page of Hickory Dickory Dock
  2. Spend half an hour a day on chart inventory
  3. Knit at least 20 rows on jumper for Hannah
  4. Do at least 200 stitches on QS Blue Rose Fairy
  5. Pick a small chart to work on next, grid it and make a start
I'm not sure how realistic these goals are as I haven't set monthly goals before so I'll just have to see how I go.

When I say a small chart I'm thinking of maybe doing one of the Lizzie Kate's I have or maybe a Little House Needlework design.  Anyway we'll see how I go I don't really need a new project right now but I would like something I can stitch on during the day when I can't give my stitching 100% attention.


Joysze said...

I don't set monthly goals at all... they never work out for me. LOL! I'm looking forward to seeing your updates from your August goals. :)

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

I started doing monthly goals on one of the Yuku boards and it's quite good fun.
I have to ask - how many charts do you think you have to spend 30mins a day doing an inventory?!!
I always have a small on the go during the day for the same reason as you.

Nic said...

Joysze - I've never done monthly goals before either but I'm really starting to feel like I don't get anywhere with my stitching so thought this might help.

Jo - the only possible answer to this question is too many :-)

sharine said...

Hi I just read your blog for the first time and love the charlie's ark pieces you have done for your son.Good luck with your goals!