Thursday, 1 March 2012

Piece finish Happy Dance for Nativity as of 29.02.12

I'm really pleased with the progress that I've made on the Nativity.  I'm  keeping up with stitching one piece a month and have now completed the largest piece.  So doing a small happy dance for a piece finish.  I have now completed 16.7% of this project.

I've mainly be concentrating on the Baby Patchwork Birth Sampler as the baby I am stitching it for is due to be born mid-March and I want to get it finished as soon as I can after he is born.  I've completed 1,232 stitches since my last update which now makes it 37.9% complete.


Joysze said...

They're both looking great, Nic. :)

milly said...


Just visiting your blog.

Your nativity piece is great.

Love your Baby Patchwork Sampler too.

Mangogirl said...

beautiful stitching :D

Greta said...

Did you make the nativity up or did you buy a pattern?

Nic said...

Hi Greta unfortunately I'm not talented enough to have designed the nativity myself. It is from the December 2004 (Issue 112) Cross Stitch Collection Magazine. It is also available to purchase from here It is recommended to be stitched on perforated paper but I am stitching it on plastic canvas as I feel it will be more durable.