Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Update - 08.08.12

I completed another 10 hours on my secret project and so it was time to look at the poll and begin my new start.  The results of the poll were as follows:

Woodland Guardian - HAED - 37.5%
Emerald Dragon - HAED - 25%
Welcome Banner - Emily Peacock - 18.8%
Mini Irish Sampler - HAED - 12.5%
Celtic Banner - Butternut Road - 6.3%
Don't be ridiculous you've got enough WIPs - 0%

Firstly I want to thank everyone who voted and secondly I was very happy that no one voted for the don't have another start option - just shows what enablers us stitchers are!

I went to my fabric stash box to look for the hand dyed fabric I had planned to stitch Woodland Guardian on and realised I had packed it (I'm in the process of moving house at the moment and unfortunately that box has already been moved to the new house).  I knew the fabric for Emerald Dragon (another hand dyed) was in the same box so I couldn't start those to.

So I've had to go with option three the Welcome Banner by Emily Peacock.  However when I sat down and looked at the threads I haven't packed I realised I was missing some for this design.  However I've decided to swap out some of the colours required for other colours I do have.  As it is quite a simple bright design I'm hoping this won't make too big a difference.

I'm also thinking about changing part of the design so I can stitch our family name on the banner to personalise it.  I can already picture it hanging in the porch of our new house!

I am also really disappointed because I had ordered the chart for Celtic Banner by Butternut Road but had a phone call yesterday to say the company I ordered from no longer stock this chart and are not going to be getting anymore copies.  So I am sending out a plea to all my stitchy friends - if anyone knows where I could get a copy of this chart or has a copy themselves that they would be willing to sell please let me know as I have fallen in love with this design and would very much like to stitch it.

I should also mention that I have been extremely lucky over the past couple of weeks to have received two RAKs of charts from Heaven and Earth Designs.  Firstly I received Handle with Care by Katerina Koukiatis and then I also received Lily by Ching Chou Kuik.  I have sent several RAKs myself and I really can't decide which gives the better feeling giving or receiving RAKs.  I know it restores my faith in human kindness when complete strangers can be so generous.

Handle with Care - Katerina Koukiatis

Lily - Ching Chou Kuik
Sorry there's no pictures of my stitching progress this time but I should be back soon with a picture of my new start.

Keep stitching and smiling.


Anonymous said...

I have a copy that I won't ever stitch. I will dig it out on the weekend and send it to you.

Nic said...

Oh my goodness Kim thank you so so much - I didn't actually expect to get a response and so quickly as well!

sharine said...

Awesome new charts!

Kaisievic said...

Love your new charts and you are indeed blessed to be RAKed.