Friday, 31 October 2014

Together Forever - Love Thy Thread - 31st October 2014

I've been working on Together Forever this week and have finally got all those metallic stitches done in the balloons.  I have to say though that petite treasure braid is the easiest metallic I have ever stitched with.

Here's my before and after pictures.

I'm really pleased with how much progress I've made and may even have a finish the next time I stitch on this piece.  I am also going to add the bride and grooms names and the date they got married and a verse so thinking about it I may need two more weeks on it.

I didn't do a post last week as I was stitching on a piece I designed myself and I want to wait to put the pictures up until it is complete.

The next piece I am going to stitch on is a new start.  It is a piece I have wanted to stitch ever since I saw it.  I really struggled getting hold of the chart and I was extremely lucky when a reader of my blog called Kim said she would send it to me as it was a chart she didn't think she would ever get round to stitching.  I've just gone back to the original post where she commented and unfortunately she doesn't appear to have a Blogger profile any more.  The piece is Celtic Banner by Butternut Road and I can't wait to show you some progress.  Kim if you are still reading my blog I'd love to hear from you.

Keep stitching and smiling


Neilteil said...

The metallic really adds a great effect. :) Can't wait to see it when it's complete.

Pull the other thread said...

Great progress, this piece looks fantastic. Looking forward to seeing your progress on Celtic Banner.

gracie said...

What an adorable couple you are stitching!

cucki said...

Wow it's looking so beautiful x

Pam in IL said...

Together Forever is looking great!

Irene said...

Viene benissimo, bello l'argento

Elisa Meuwese said...

wouw what a beautiful effect

Mii Stitch said...

Such pretty update, well done!

Sally said...

Lovely progress Nic.

I've been meaning to ask, did you receive the travelling pattern you won on my blog?