Sunday, 20 March 2011

Little Boy Blue

No cross stitching update this week I'm afraid.  I have been working on Masquerade and decided to keep on it for another week before I rotate and update. 

I have however started another project.  I am knitting a jumper for my little boy.  Samuel has become a lot more mobile over the past few weeks and I can no longer have all my stitching stuff out to just add a few stitches whenever I get a minute as of course he thinks mummy and daddy's toys (i.e. cross stitching, TV remotes, PS3 controllers etc) are much more exciting toys than his own.  So I thought at least with the knitting I can pull it out and put it away again a lot more easily then my stitching.

So this is the jumper I am knitting for him.

The pattern calls for Baby Cashmere Merino Silk 4 ply but as this was £4.70 for a 50g ball and I could get a 100g ball of ordinary 4 ply for £4.20 I decided my budget could only stretch to the ordinary 4 ply.  I decided to go for a beige colour as he has so many blue tops already and I wanted something different for a change.  I had done about 12 rows of the back and then discovered I had done half of the rows using one size of pattern and half of the rows using a bigger size so my pattern wasn't lined up at all so I've had to unpick it and will be starting it again.

I have done some knitting over the years and have made a cardigan for myself in the past but my mum has always had to sew it up into a finished article for me.  With this jumper I want to do it all myself and then maybe move onto making myself another cardigan at some point in the future.  I also hope to make some baby blankets for the charity SANDS they are very simple blankets and I hope to be able to do some knitting in the car to and from work every morning and evening as I feel this is a wasted part of my day.

Anyway I hope all my cross stitching friends don't mind me adding a bit of knitting to my blog.


Lou said...

Rubbish about having to unpick everything! I love this pattern though and if you like knitting it I might put in an order for one for Jess - I'll get the wool! Thanks for putting in a link to my blog x

Lou said...

Also, great idea about knitting for SANDS!

Nic said...

Like Russ said at least I'd only done 12 rows - going to put post it notes over the bits of pattern I don't need so I don't do it again. Of course I'll do one for Jess the pattern goes up to 2-3 years so will probably do another one for Samuel too xx

Catherine said...

That's beautiful!

Nic said...

Thanks Catherine :-)

Joysze said...

Ooooh, Samuel is going to look adorable in that sweater. :D I don't know much about knitting and it always blows my mind to see the finish products.

Nic said...

Thanks Joysze - it's good to know even non-knitters are interested. I didn't think about putting a photo of Samuel on wearing the finished product but I will now x