Tuesday, 29 March 2011

A New Start and my Third Finish for 2011

I really thought I had lost my stitching mojo as I'd not done any stitching for nearly a week.  I've been wanting to experiment with a different count and a different type of fabric for a while.  I decided that rather than start a big project on a new fabric and find out I didn't like it I would just do a small project.  So I have had a pattern for some Assisi Christmas cards for a while and decided to try one of them.  I started it last night and finished tonight.  It is stitched on 27 count hand dyed Linda from Crafty Kitten.  I did it 2 over 1 in tent stitch and I really enjoyed stitching it and am happy with the outcome.  The only thing I am not completely happy with is the back stitching but I don't think it looks too bad.

So here's the picture from the magazine of what it should look like.

And here's my attempt.

I've also finally managed to break the cycle of bad luck with Little Boy Blue and have made it over half way up the back.

And progress is being made on my first blanket for SANDS.  It currently measures 8 inches and needs to measure 22 inches so I've got quite a way to go yet.

I'm so happy as I feel like I am making progress now.  I have also conquered my fear of fabric that is not Aida and I'm hoping this means that I will be able to try different designs (like a Chatelaine!) but that might be a bit ambitious yet.  I think I'll try a few more smaller projects before attempting a BAP.


Lou said...

Hooray on managing 27 count! It looks really good. I remember stitching these designs also I think they look so effective! I agree to try more smaller projects before venturing on a BAP though!
Loving the jumper also! Samuel will look gorgeous in that colour as well!
Glad to hear you've got your mojo back : )

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Your colours are much nicer and your stitching is neater too. The backstitch looks like your used a thincker thread than they did or maybe 2 strands?
The evenweave is quite a loose weave, some are much more dense (ie the holes don't show up as much!) I prefer that type for pictures but the looser type for samplers esp if they have pulled or drawn thread work.
My problem is I can never remember the names of the difference types! I do know I have some lovely Jazlyn at the moment.

Joysze said...

YAY!!!! You're not an evenweave virgin anymore. :D :D :D This means you'll be starting a Chatelaine soon, right? LOL!!

The card is beautiful, Nic!! Super job. :D About the backstitching, since you didn't like the way it turned out, you might want to try backstitching over 1 instead of doing long stitches. It'll give the piece a more dainty look and the backstitching will have an 'outline' effect.

Sam's little outfit is looking awesome... can't wait to see more.

Nic said...

Thanks for your comments.

Jo - I used a DMC satin/silk to do the back stitching because I thought it would stand out more but I agree it does look a lot thicker. I'm really not happy with the back stitching but I can't decide whether to unpick it and try again or just move on and use a normal thread on the next one.

Joysze - I agree I will try and do it over one next time, I thought with the fabric being so small it would be easier to do the long stitches - but I really don't think what I've done looks right.

I showed my stitching to my mum yesterday and she thought it looked like a witches hat. But on the positive side it is only the back stitching I am not happy with and I do like the tent stitching on the 27 count and it was that which I was experimenting with. Think I'll just put this one down to experience and try something new :-)