Thursday, 24 March 2011

Masquerade SK as of 24.03.11

I am very disappointed with my lack of progress all round this week.  I've had Masquerade on rotation for two weeks and only managed to do 887 stitches.  I don't know if I've lost my stitching mojo or if I'm not enjoying Masquerade as much as I was or if it's just because I've been so damned tired the past few days.  I honestly haven't been out of bed later than 7.30pm for the last few nights.  Anyway I've now completed 78.44% of Masquerade and here is my update picture.

Also I've made no progress on the Little Boy Blue jumper.  I'd done about 30 rows and showed it to my mum and she asked if I had measured it or done a tension square, the answer was no.  So I measured what I had done and it was 10 inches wide and it should have been 10 3/4 inches.  So my mum suggested I try knitting it on a bigger size needle because this should make the difference in size.  So I have had to unpick it and start again, hopefully it will be third time lucky.  I'm really glad though that my mum told me know before I spent a lot more time knitting it and stitching it up.

On a positive note I have started knitting my first blanket for SANDS it is a very basic pattern where you start with one stitch and increase on the second stitch at the beginning of every row.  I currently have 50 stitches on the needle so some progress has been made here.  I find I am able to knit in the car while commuting to and from work.

Hopefully I'll get more stitching done over the next week and get some of the jumper done too.


Joysze said...

You've made good progress on the SK, Nic. It's hard to get into a crafty mood when you're tired. Take good care of yourself.

Good luck with round 3 of the jumper! :D

Lou said...

I think you've made loads of progress. I find when sewing cross country you feel as though you've done nothing for ages and then all of a sudden - the picture jumps at you and it looks amazing. Keep motivated hon, and its no wonder you're tired with everything you do! Looking forward to progress pics of 'little boy blue' xx

Nic said...

Thanks for your comments. Not done any stitching for about 5 days now but progress is being made on the jumper :-)

Lou said...

Maybe you need to give stitching a rest for a little while until you find your mojo again : ) I found it again, trouble is now I'm torn between stitching and knitting and I want to do both at the same time!