Thursday, 5 April 2012

Giveaway Winner

I've decided the prize for my giveaway would be a HAED chart of the winners choice.  If the winner doesn't want a HAED chart then I'll try and think of something else.

There were 12 entries for the giveaway and the random number generator said entry number 2 was the winner which is Grace.

I've e-mailed Grace to tell her she's the winner and ask which chart she would like as a prize.

Hope everyone has a lovely Easter weekend!



gracie said...

Oh my... I was just getting ready to leave for work and thought I would check my emails...what a lovely surprise. I have never stitched a this may be the time. I will send you a proper email tonight... Thank you.

Lou said...

Woo - congrats to Grace :) Have fun choosing and starting your first HAED!!