Monday, 9 April 2012

Sleeping Beauty's Castle as of 09.04.12

I've spent another couple of nights stitching on Sleeping Beauty's Castle but I'm not able to stitch any more until I get some of the silks I've ordered.  I am loving stitching this design up to now and can see that I am going to want to stitch more Chatelaine's in the future.  The think that draws me to them is the repetitiveness and the symmetry.  I think I have a touch of OCD as I like things to be lined up and organised and I think that's why I am loving stitching this so much.  So here's the photo of where I'm up to now.  If you want to see the pictures in between my last update and this one please see my Chatelaine page.

 I'm rotating now onto Baby Patchwork by Cinnamon Cat.  I saw the baby again today who I'm stitching it for and it's spurred me on to get some more stitching done on it.


Ewa said...

I love how the blues work together. Chatelaines are so much fun to stitch because you don't have to keep looking at the chart every few stitches!

Anonymous said...

That's beautiful, the colours are so lovely.