Sunday, 1 April 2012

Update 01.04.11

Since my last update I completed my 10 hours on my Ink Circles secret project.  I've now done 21,248 of 114,000 stitches which is 18.6% complete.

I've also completed another of my Christmas Ornaments so I've now completed 4 of the 24.  My goal was to stitch two of these a month so I would have them completed by Christmas but I'm a bit behind.  I've two nearly completed but not quite.  Here's the photo of the one I did finish.

I was supposed to be rotating back to stitching on Baby Patchwork as that is my focus piece at the moment but I've been naughty and started a new project and it's a BAP.  It's Celtic Grace by Brigid Ashwood and I got it from HAED as part of their reward program - for every $200 you spend on the site you get a free chart.  Here's the picture of what it will look like when I finish it (probably in about 20 years time!)

I'm trying parking for the first time with this project as well so it should be interesting.  Only did just over 200 stitches on this last night so no picture for the time being.

Today was also the day of the release of part 1 of the Chatelaine Anniversary Mandala - Sleeping Beauty's Castle.  I am so excited to start it but also a little overwhelmed with the speciality stitches etc.  Would you believe it that my printer has run out of ink so I can't print it off - typical.  Oh well I'll just have to stitch on one of my many existing WIPs tonight instead of starting another new design.


Donna said...

That's a lovely chart, it will be worth the hard work!!!

Please include me in your giveaway

mdgtjulie said...

I love your Brigid Ashwood chart, except for the background. I would love to do background removal for that one. It's gorgeous. And good luck with parking. I couldn't do it, but I know a lot of people have a lot of success with it. And your Christmas ornie is cute. Love the colors in it. Green, blue, and purple are some of my faves. It's just missing pink, lol. Glad to hear you're doing well, Nicola. And I'll be following your Chat with great interest!!! (I like the castle too, but I like Serengeti better.)

Annie said...

I just wanted you to know that you have at least 101 followers! I've recently started reading your blog thanks to the Liebster Awards, but never officially signed up as a follower! Happy stitching!

Maureen said...

I love your choice of HAED - can't wait to see how this stitches up

And good luck with your Sleeping Beauty - don't be too freaked out by the speciality stitches, just take each little bit as it comes

Topcho said...

The ornament is really cute and I really love your new projects! The haed is beautiful and I'm curious to see how the parking goes, as I've never tried it either. Good luck with both of them!

Lou said...

Really looking forward to watching your progress on your chatelaine, and interested to find out how you find parking! Loving the christmas pieces - they will look great once completed! And I like someone elses idea on the HAED about not doing the background - are you stitching the whole thing?

Mangogirl said...

lovely mini finish :D