Monday, 23 April 2012

Rules for Life as at 22.04.12

I started my new project Rules for Life by Kincavel Crosses on 20th April 2012 and I've done 10 hours stitching on it.  I've completed 3,172 stitches which means it is 13.84% complete.  I am stitching on 22 count cream hardanger - 2 over 1 full crosses.  I'm going to keep a record here of the colours I use for this project as I am making it up as I go along.

All colours are DMC.  The outline and all the symbols are done in 4215 which is a variegated thread.  Rules for Life is done in 157.  Trust is 153, Hope is 157, Keep your Promises is 333 and Dream is 553.

I'm really enjoying stitching on this and already thinking about how I might get it framed.

I'm rotating back on to my Baby Sampler project next as this is my focus piece.  I should hopefully have it finished in the next month.

This week I finally received the flowers I won for the Letter of the Month in Cross Stitcher Magazine.  I had to chase it up a couple of times which I was a bit disappointed about but at least I got them in the end.  I don't mean to sound ungrateful but if I spent £25 on these flowers I would be very disappointed.  I am enjoying having them in the house though and they are a gorgeous colour - especially the gerbera which is my favourite flower.

I also had a lovely surprise when I came home from work today.  My husband had taken the day off work to look after our little boy and he found time to hang my latest framed piece for me.

The nicest thing was I hadn't had to ask him to do it he just did it off his own back!


gracie said...

Love the Rules piece...nice colors.

Lou said...

Loving the start you've made on Rules for life - I'm going to enjoy watching your progress on this one!
Live laugh love etc looks fab up on the wall! Love it : ) xxx

lesli said...

Rules for life is progressing beautifully!

I love your Lizzie Kate Living with Charm finish!

sharine said...

Your stitching looks lovely.

McKenna C. said...

Oh I love the colors on Rule for Life! The flowers are gorgeous!

The Crafty Princess said...

Wow Nic those colours are amazing, beautiful choice. You got a lot done in 10 hours - great job!!

How sweet of DH to hang your pic. It looks really good nestled between your framed flowers. xoxo

Miamina said...

Rules for life is lovely, those colours are just yummy!

How lucky you are to have such a nice husband. That's really sweet of him to do that for you.

Well done on getting your letter of the month prize. The flowers are nice, but I do agree that £26 seems a lot of money for them. I love the colours though.

Anonymous said...

Hi Nic

Your Rules sampler is looking lovely, the colours are so pretty.

Your framed piece looks fab, what a nice hubby you have!

Beautiful flowers from Cross Stitcher, congrats for being in the mag.

Ewa said...

You've done a LOT for 10 hours! Speedy stitcher! What a great husband :)

Faith... said...

Love your Rules for Life colors. I have it all complete...except for the border! Looking forward to seeing your's finished.

Love your LK too. Great stitching

Catherine said...

Great stitches and pretty flowers! How sweet of your husband to frame your piece!

Mangogirl said...

it's beautiful on the wall! I love your rules as well a grogeous start!

Joysze said...

Such beautiful colors on Rules. Can't wait to see more of it.

LK looks beautiful on the wall. :D