Saturday, 7 May 2016

Stitch Maynia 2016 - Day 7 - Celtic Autumn - Lavender & Lace - 07.05.16

If you haven't heard of Maynia before please see my post from 1st May - don't want to repeat myself everyday and bore everyone..

My day 7 project is Celtic Autumn by Lavender & Lace

This is a picture of the chart:-

I am stitching this on 28 count Brittney from Jodyri Designs in Misty Morning Sun.  I am stitching 2 over 2 in the charted DMC.

I nearly made a HUGE mistake when I started this.  I always start my projects in the top left corner.  So I measured out the border and started stitching.  Got a little way along and notice on the chart that it had the mark indicating the centre of the chart.  Thought it was a bit strange as I was only about 30 stitches in so looked again at the chart - then realised the border doesn't start right at the edge of the fabric because when you get to the bottom the dress comes out from the frame.  Thank goodness I noticed when I did otherwise I would have got to the bottom and had to leave off a huge portion of her dress!

Here's the picture of the progress I made today:

Keep stitching and smiling


CalamityJr said...

That's a good start after having a visit from the frog! Glad you found your error before you got any further along. This is another beauty!

Justine said...

Gorgeous! Good job you caught that error in time.

Pull the other thread said...

Stunning project, great progress. Glad you caught that calculation problem.

Blu said...

Gorgeous start. Good thing you caught that error!

Tiffstitch said...

So glad you found the mistake before you had much stitched, a beautiful choice!

Heather said...

Gorgeous chart and nice start :). I've always loved these charts and all of the conversions people do