Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Stitch Maynia Round-up

I have really enjoyed taking part in Stitch Maynia and it has made me eager to start more new projects.  I am however glad the Maynia is over for me and I can get back to stitching for more than one day on each project.

During Maynia I have been thinking a lot about WIPs, UFOs and new starts and how I can manage a rotation that can include them all.

To start with I will always have a focus piece which currently is the Halloween Mystery SAL Model that I am stitching for Jodyri Designs.  As it's a mystery I obviously won't be able to post about this design until each part is released.  After I have finished a section on my focus piece I will switch to a WIP then go back to the focus then to a new start (if I have any kitted and ready to start).  I plan to work through my WIPs and new starts in alphabetical order using my trusty XStitch App.

I will also use this app to keep track of the charts I have which I have not yet kitted up and will work on getting them kitted.  I am ashamed to say that at last count including all the electronic charts I have and charts from magazines I have well over 1000 charts to stitch.  I am going to try very hard not to buy any new charts unless it is to finish "sets" of charts that I already have started.  There are a few more that I have on my must have list and I am sure more will get added but I need to look back at what I already have before buying more.

Obviously my stash now well exceeds my life expectancy!  If only I could win the lottery and give up work and just stitch full time.  Well I can dream can't I!

So the Maynia is over but the new starts are not.

I wanted to take an opportunity to thank all the people who comment on my blog posts.  It makes me smile every time I open my inbox and find a new comment so thank you for making me smile.

Keep stitching and smiling


CalamityJr said...

You started some great designs during Stitch Maynia and I'm looking forward to seeing your progress. Thanks for sharing your bravery in creating so many WIPs!

Sandra B. said...

What app are you using?

Tiffstitch said...

Great plans! Is your Xstitch app on Apple or Android as well? It sounds like something I could use to get organized as well.

Stitching Noni said...

Love the Xstitch App! At the moment I haven't put all of my WIPs on it but I think that is actually a really good idea... time to get organised!
Maynia was great fun - I am now going to have a look at all your starts :o)
Hugs xx

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Congratulations on completing Maynia, it's been fun seeing all the designs you chose.
I just checked MY X-Stitch app and I have 222 designs listed on there, but then there are the freebies on the PC, the magazines, the online magazines and the chart books so very possibly nearer 1000 when all's said and done!

But as I have over 500 finishes in 25 years I only have to live another 50 to stitch all 1000 designs...

The Crafty Princess said...

You stitched so well for Maynia. I admire your discipline in sticking to it. I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have faired so well. They were all really lovely projects too. Congratulations on your achievements. And good luck with your rotation. I've made that many this year I've lost count LOL!!

Rachel said...

I know I'm really late commenting, but well done on completing Maynia and, more importantly, confessing to how many charts you have! If I include all of mine I have about the same number but many of these are from magazines and/or booklets and will no doubt disappear as my tastes change. I'm glad I'm not the only one to count them all!!! :)